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How To Super Fast WordPress Sites With WPX Hosting? (Tips)

Want to boost your website speed but don’t know how to do it then this article is for you only. In this article, we will be showing you to make your WordPress site super fast with the help of WPX Hosting CDN.

WordPress is the most popular used CMS in the market. People most create their website with WordPress because it is very simple and requires no deep technical knowledge. However, the speed of the WordPress site is very important to beat the competition.

Why Speed Is Important For Success In Blogging?

People often wonder why the speed of the website is important in success. The answer is very simple as people are the most impatience animal and they don’t like to wait for anything in life. Then why the hell they will wait for your website to load.

When the websites take time to load their content then the response time and user experience are degraded. It results in a bad impression on the user and it doesn’t matter how attractive the content is they will eventually leave the website.

In the reports of Walmart company. They said that their profit entirely depends on the speed of their website. for even a second delay in the website to load they lose their potential customer and get lost. 

So, for them, speed was the most important factor to generate huge profit and if they fail to maintain the speed then they face a huge loss. That is why the speed of the website is very important for success.

How To Improve The Speed Of The WordPress Site?

Improve Site Speed With WPX Hosting

There are many ways which you can optimize for better speed and performance. You will learn all those tricks here. These tips don’t require any programming or advance technical knowledge. Anyone with some basic knowledge about WordPress can do it easily.

The most important factor that largely contributes to the speed of the website is web hosting. if a website provides powerful servers and data resource then the website will have good speed. While on the other hand, if you have cheap hosting and servers performance is poor then you will face a hard time getting rank on the first page of google search engine.

Tips To Make WordPress Website Super Fast With WPX Hosting

1. Use A Powerful & Speedy Web Hosting (WPX Hosting)

As we mentioned a web hosting is important for making a website super fast. It is the first and most important trick to speed up the website.

Web hosting like WPX Hosting is known for its lightning-fast servers. These servers are very powerful and capable of handling all types of websites from a simple blog to traffic loaded Ecommerce website.

The servers offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee which means there is a rare chance of going down. So there will no day when your readers will not be able to the reader your website content. This will keep your users interested in the website and will also increase traffic.

2. WPX CDN Feature

Websites like Ecommerce where huge traffic is a daily drive to it. For handling huge traffic the severs should be powerful and have good speed to process the data. So choose the web hosting that provides more RAMs and processors.

However, It is not enough for handling large traffic as when traffic will cross the threshold limit of the server capacity then it will crash. Because in most web hosting they offer a single server. So the traffic stress is increased on the single server and then it unable to handle it.

For preventing this situation WPX offers a free CDN system that is offered builtin in the hosting. so that you don’t have to do complicated kinds of stuff. The CDN system is very simple to implement and connect but holds a lot of power.

The system forms a network of many servers and all of them have the same data. So when a user requests for data from any location then the system identifies it and divert it to the server nearest to it.

It increases the speed of data being transferred and the user gets data in few seconds. It boosts the website by  5x and also increases user experience.

3. WPX SSD Storage Space

WPX has SSD drives for storing the website on the servers. With the help of SSD drives the speed increases by 10 times. So the page load speed drastically increased. Due to SSD storage space, the processes are executed by a faster speed which leads to fast website speed.

4. WordPress Cache Plugins

WordPress can be easily optimized for better speed with the help of WordPress plugins. You can use free cache plugins available in the WordPress plugin store. However, the free plugin is bounded by a few features and you have to upgrade to activate all the premium features.

The cache plugin will load the website pages in advance so the user can quickly access it without waiting. the user experience will be boosted which in return has a good impact on the user.

5. Small Size Images

The website pages take more time because of the high-resolution images. These images require high bandwidth and also takes a few seconds to entirely load. So this makes the user wait for the images and it is very frustrating.

You can use small size or resolution images when you don’t need the quality. So the pages can quickly load to users.

6. Theme Size

The speed of the website is also affected by the theme. some free themes they are not optimized for speed. So the website becomes slow due to the theme. it is recommended to use a simple theme for the website. the theme should be fully optimized with coding and you can ask any developer to do it.

7. Videos

Your website may have videos that can be the reason for slow speed. Because when the video file takes more time to load than the page. So the user will have to wait for the video to load and it will cost you speed. So, it is better to use an optimized video with less size so that it can be loaded quickly.

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