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FastComet vs A2 Hosting – An Unbiased review 2020

In this era of the internet, everybody wants to make their appearance online and take their business career to the next level. Now to create a website, you need something known as web hosting. Here is a comparison between two of the well-known web hosting, FastComet, and A2 Hosting. Let’s have a look at FastComet vs A2 Hosting.

FastComet vs A2 Hosting

What is FastComet?

FastComet is a private and independent internet hosting or web hosting company that provides all the required services for a website to be available on the internet. Established in 2013, it has gained popularity over the past few years, with headquarters located in San Francisco, California, privately funded cPanel based cloud hosting provider.

It was a small company that started with very few people 4, in 2013, and by 2015 they became a small, relatively tiny company from a group of 4 people. Even though the number of personnel has increased, they used to work in a small overcrowded office. In 2017 they won the title of the best hosting company by HostAdvice web hosting community and others.

What is A2 Hosting?

Another web or internet hosting company is A2 Hosting, founded in 2001 by a gentleman named Bryan Muthig, an expert in UNIX systems. By 2003 it reached an unexpected milestone of clients. It provides four web hosting services: shared web hosting, VPS, reseller, and dedicated server solutions.

In 2003 the company was named A2 hosting as a tribute to their hometown, Ann Arbor. From 2004 onwards, it supported PHP5, hence became the first internet hosting company to do so. By 2007 it has introduced MySQL and upgraded to cPanel 11. In January 2013, they launched SSD hosting. The next year, they introduced turbo servers, resulting in exponential growth in loading speed.

A2 Hosting

After having a firm idea about these two companies, we need to consider a few things before directly beginning the battle between FastComet & A2 Hosting. Here are a few points to consider before comparing them.

  • Hardware – servers are nothing but a high-end computer with more extensive storage, better hardware, and better security.
  • Resources
  • Speed and uptime – time to load websites
  • Support – customer care
  • Cost – lowest and affordable price between FastComet & A2 Hosting
  • Disk space and disk type – storage required
  • Base plan and other plans – we will be looking only at shared Hosting since it is the cheapest of all services.

Now let’s talk about their features.


The first round between FastComet vs. A2 hosting will be on the hardware. Hardware is the most critical part of a web server. FastComet uses the top-notch hardware system, AMD’s EPYC.

A2 Hosting, on the other hand, uses turbo servers, which is 20x faster than its predecessor. It also uses AMD EPYC CPU performance, which is capable of handling 9x more traffic.


Now it is the time to compare resources between both the web hosts. Both offer a plethora of features depending on the package. Different packages have their benefits. Some are cheaper than others with lesser features, while better features come at a higher price. Both come with impressive security, private DNS, cPanel feature, multiple websites facilities, SSD solutions, secured HTTPs, remarkable uptime, and high bandwidth. Both support high-level web development languages such as JavaScript, PHP, HTML, MySQL, and etc. but only A2 Hosting provides unlimited SSD storage, whereas FastComet allows only limited data to be stored.

Speed and uptime

Uptime is referred to as the working time of web servers. In other words, when the uptime of the website is low, it means the server is down, that is, sites will no longer be accessible to the user. It is basically ping, which is measured in millisecond or ms. Lower ping results in faster loading speed of websites and vice versa. It is usually measured in percentage. A2 Hosting leads FastComet by 0.01%. The uptime of A2 Hosting is 99.98%, whereas that of FastComet is 99.97%.


No matter how big the company is, support and customer service or care are vital factors not to be neglected. The better and easier the service will be, the better will be the reviews and hence more audience. FastComet is always quick when it comes to solving a query of their customer. Be it tickets of live chats. Both are fast and convenient. On the other hand, A2 Hosting is indeed short but compared to services provided by FastComet, and it needs to catch up a little bit. Without any uncertainty, it has great experts to address your query.


Cost is the most critical point in FastComet vs. A2 Hosting comparison. The base plan of A2 Hosting starts at $2.99 per month. The base plan of FastComet starts at $2.95 per month or you can get further discount with the FastComet coupon code. A detailed description of packages offered is discussed in the base plan and other plans section.

Base plan and other plans (Shared Hosting only)

The base plan in cPanel shared hosting FastCloud start at $2.95 per month. Currently, 70% off special autumn sales are going on, but originally it was $9.95 per month. The base plan provides with all important features and website starter kit but only allows single website hosting and 15GB of SSD space, 2 GB of RAM, and 2 cores. FastCloud Plus starting at $4.45 per month (earlier $14/month), allows multiple websites, including all the features of FastCloud, and SSD storage increased up to 25 GB, RAM, and CPU cores to 3 GB and 4 cores, respectively. FastCloud is the final shared hosting package with a rocket booster, 35 GB of SSD storage, 6 GB of RAM, and 6 CPU cores.

FastComet Discount

On the other end of the FastComet vs. A2 Hosting battle, A2 hosting base package, called the start-up, starts at $9 per month without any offer. It has offers 100 GB SSD storage, but with 1 core and 0.5 GB RAM. The next drive package starts at $12 per month, with unlimited SSD storage, 1 GB RAM, unlimited databases, and 2 cores. Turbo starts at $ 20 per month, with the same features as previous except, it offers 2GB RAM accessibility.


From the FastComet vs. A2 Hosting comparison, we saw both the hosting services are undoubtedly good. Expect if one needs unlimited storage, then A2 Hosting is no doubt the best option with better uptime. But FastComet has 11 datacentres internationally, whereas A2 Hosting has only 4. Based on availability, FastComet beats A2 hosting.

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