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WPX Hosting Vs Seekahost: Which One Is The Best For WordPress?

If you are not sure about which web hosting is the best from WPX Hosting vs SeekaHost then this article is for you.

Deciding a web hosting for a WordPress blog is a very difficult task. As there are hundreds of web hosting available on the internet. Some are of good quality and some are of bad quality. So it becomes very difficult to know which web hosting will be best for WordPress blogs.

There are free web hosting also available on the internet then why to pay money on it. If you think this way then you do not know the importance of web hosting.

A web hosting the core components of the blog which constantly keep your blog running and alive on the internet. So if the servers of free web hosting are not much powerful to handle the blog. Then there is no use of it. Because people will not able to read your website content.

That is why no one recommends beginners to use free web hosting. as it comes with no benefits. It is only good if you want to learn and do projects. But for commercial use like blogging and running ads, free web hosting is not a good choice.

WPX Hosting VS SeekaHost

So, today we are going to compare WPX hosting and SeekaHost and will find out which web hosting has the best deal for us.

WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting is a professionally managed web hosting that provides enterprise-level hosting services. WPX Hosting is a very popular web hosting that has the highest score in the market. Its TrustPilot score is 4.9 and the G2 Crowd score is 9.8 which is better than another web hosting. 

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WPX Hosting provides complete services that a WordPress website requires. so the WordPress blog can use its full potential. WPX Hosting offers most of the premium features and services for absolutely free in the hosting plan.

WPX Hosting comes with different types of hosting plans. These plans are the best fit for all website levels. so you will have to pay only for what you are using and nothing extra.  This way you can choose a hosting package according to your website requirements.

WPX Cloud

WPX Cloud is a powerful cloud hosting for business websites that gets thousands of users daily. So for that type of website a powerful hosting is required


If your website is getting huge traffic then no need to worry.because WPX Hosting has your back with the CDN system. The CDN system is a very powerful and effective system to manage the traffic load on the server. So the users on your blog can freely read your content without any slow speed and interrupts.

Multiple Website Hosting

If you have multiple websites then there is no issue. You can host them all in a single hosting plan in WPX Hosting. this will save your money and efforts. You don’t have to manage multiple hosting accounts. This will reduce your productivity and it becomes complicated.

Unlimited SSL Certificates

For your multiple websites, WPX hosting provides unlimited SSL certificates. With the SSL certificates, the WordPress website will become secure. So this will gain users’ trust on your website. so they can freely enter their credential data without fear of hacking.


SeekaHost is the best web hosting for SEO marketers. They have the most affordable web hosting for SEO projects. The SeekaHost is designed to fulfill the need of webmasters who want web hosting for their PBN sites.

SeekaHost also provides premium level domain names on their official website. they have all types of web hosting. their web hosting plans are categorized according to the website’s needs. From small websites to the enterprise-level website they have perfect web hosting for it. The most amazing thing is that they are very affordable.

The servers of SeekaHost are very powerful and can handle large traffic without getting slow down. If you come across any kind of problem then they have SEO experts to help you.

PBN Hosting

They are the only web hosting that provides the best PBN hosting service. This web hosting is undetectable because of fo unique IPs for each website. you can have as many unique IPs as you want. They can provide a maximum of 2000 unique IPs that you can use to host PBN sites.

The cost of PBN hosting is very cheap and it is used by SEOs to host their PBN websites. From these websites, they will get high authority backlinks.

Free SSL For PBN Sites

In SeekaHost you get free SSL certificates for all websites you have. So this will increase the ranking on the google search engine. And you don’t even have to spend huge money on it. The SSL certificates are free of cost.

24/7 SEO Experts

SeekaHost is made for SEOs so they provide full support to them. if anyone would have any issues with the hosting then they can easily connect with SeekaHost SEO experts. You don’t have to wait for long hours to get a response. They are available to help you 24/7.  

Final Words On WPX Hosting Vs SeekaHost

We have seen all the top features from both web hosting. however, it is very difficult to decide which one is a better web hosting. they both have good features and a large user base. So it is on you to choose them according to your needs and budget. 

WPX Hosting is a bit expensive for newbies as they are big level web hosting. in the hosting plan, you will get more than what you will spend. So there is no loss in the plan. They also have 30 days of the money-back guarantee.

And on the other side is SeekaHost. It is a very affordable yet powerful web hosting that is made of SEO webmasters. Those who want to build SEO strategies like PBN then it is the best option. You will also have to see the price of these web hosting to form a decision because the price is very important in the decision.